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Big 3, It is the time to Enter Digital Marketing Business

For those who are reading the term digital marketing for the first time please let me clarify you:

Digital marketing is the art and science of marketing website / product / services on the internet through search engines, social media, and public relation techniques.

Now, the majority of the digital marketing services are concentrated in the business of making your website found in search engines. So when a customer searches for something on Google, Yahoo or Bing, digital marketers make sure their client’s offerings are found in first page of search results. This way, clients get more traffic to their website resulting in more sales or sign-ups.

Currently, digital marketing services are dominated by small and medium businesses that provide cost-efficient services to clients from remote locations around the world.

It looks like this may not be the case any more. Big companies are eyeing this ever-growing market. Last month BT (British Telecom) one of the big clients of Tech Mahindra just started providing search engine-marketing services. You can see their official website here –

If BT outsources a majority of their work to Tech Mahindra, it should be very clear that Tech Mahindra would start providing SEM services soon. (Btw, have they already started?)

Apparently, Accenture already started providing digital marketing consulting services through their digital marketing arm named Accenture Interactive.

Similarly, Deloitte recently introduced digital marketing for US clients under the name Deloitte Digital Services.

Now I wonder when our homegrown IT companies such as Infosys, TCS & WIPRO will start providing digital marketing consulting services. Perhaps, it is the time for them to think about this ever-expanding market.


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