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Bsnl Data One Broadband Connection Sharing – The Solution

BSNL Data One service has a limitation of using only one computer per home connection. So I thought why they did this stuff even though many other broadband services allows you to connect as many PCs as you wish. Thus decided to find a way myself, and finally did it my own way. 😉

Here is how you can share your “single user” BSNL broadband connection to as many PCs you have. Also this work around is for educational purpose. I take no responsibility for the resulting stuff. Do at your own risk!

First of all log in to SmartAX MT880 admin panel by typing admin/admin user/pass combination. You can access the admin panel by typing

Then on left menu:
SmartAX MT880

In DHCP settings, enable DHCP.
DHCP Settings
Set the ending IP address according to number of PCs you want to connect. For example if you have 100 PCs, set starting from to ( In this figure, I have randomly set 33 just for phun! 😀 )

For doing server client configuration.

Next thing you have do is changing TCP/IP settings. Go to control panel -> network settings. right click your nic and change tcp/IP properties.

First remove the Ip settings done by bsnl guys to as in this figure. ( note the greyed out section, which is set in advanced button ;))
Then in advanced section add default gateway as
Advanced Config

Now share this connection from network setting of this nic. by checking “allow other users in my network…blah..”

This makes your other lan card to be set with default as IP, which is the default when doing connection sharing.

You are done with network server now. :)

Now you have to configure every client machine. Just go to network setting and in TCP/IP settings of each nic, set the following stuff.
Update #1
Just discovered some people are using a new DNS server for fast response. Here is the IP.
Add this IP as preffered DNS server.

Update #2
Use OpenDNS as your DNS servers. I found this better than any other DNS servers available.

Client Stuff
Do this to as many client machines you have.
DHCP will take care of rest. Each of client machines will be gettin an IP in range of 192.168.0.x.

If this doesn’t work for you, then add your server’s Nic’s IP as default gateway in advanced section. Normally for connection sharing it will be “ :)

Connection Sharing Using Switch

In this case everything is very easy. You only need to plug-in your modem connection to switch. Then set all PCs to obtain Ips automatically. You are done!

You have successfully managed to do the work around! 😀


  1. satvinder anand April 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    inform mb used by myself

  2. harshal June 15th

    Comment Arrow

    That was very much informative!!!
    Thanks a lot!

  3. malvin January 4th

    Comment Arrow

    how does one configure the same in windows 98.
    I still use it.
    thanks in adv.


  4. Tuning January 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Malvin,

    I think it will be almost similar. :-)

    In reality you can leave the DNS settings, your computer will automatically take it from Router.

    Sorry for not being able to help much. I quit using 98 in 2001. :(

  5. himanshu dora March 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    How to configure modem to connect to internet without giving user name password similar to airtel broadband wich connects to inter when you swich on system.

  6. Tuning March 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Himanshu,

    You don’t need to provide username / password. Its already set inside data one modem. Just turn in on and you will be automatically connected to internet. :)

  7. dhilip1 April 7th

    Comment Arrow

    thnk u very much!!!!!!

    its workin!!!

  8. Tuning April 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Dhilip,

    You are welcome!

    – Tuning

  9. vedvrat_s August 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Sorry friend i dont understand hw it works? hw can we login from two computers simultenously. hw can i set the user name pass on the broadband modem.

  10. vedvrat_s August 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Let me clarify, i have changed my dataone modem setting to work as dhcp but i can login only from one pc. I think there is only one way to share the connection – use one pc as proxy server. Bu according to u we can use the dataone modem for this purpose. so please tell me hw can i set the user name pass on the broadband modem.

  11. vedvrat_s August 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Now every thing is fine and working pls ignore my previous comments.
    . Thanks………..

  12. manan.sunrise October 24th

    Comment Arrow

    I have broadband connection and my friend have too, but we can’t connect eachother connection, I mean how can we do that…..?

  13. Tuning October 30th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Manan,

    Are you trying to connect using two broadband connections or just two pc using same broadband connection ?

    You cannot do the first type because WAN ( Wide Area Network ) is using different protocols and you cannot share files without using a server.

    Otherwise, this post will help you to share your connection.

    – Tuning

  14. jimmy2786 November 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi friend!
    Why I can connect and share my BSNL Broadband connection with Local Area Network simontaneously?

    Jimmy Valentine
    Mumbai (India)

  15. Tuning November 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Jimmy,

    You can share BSNL and LAN simultaneously. Just check your network settings and firewall settings. Some firewalls do not allow this and hence that can be the problem.

    – Tuning

  16. hari_nagendra January 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Friend,

    The article is very interesting.

    Initially I was working with a BSNL static IP where I have administrator permissions, by which I used to switch between home and office IPs.

    My current company has not given administrative privileges and we use DHCP at office. I would like to know how to enable this with the server. When I login to BSNL broadband, I will get only IP and Subnet mask. DHCP at home is not returning gateway and DNS server IPs.

    Could you please let me know how I could use broadband home. What all configurations we need to change.

    I even visited BSNL office. But the staff dint have much technical idea about this.

    I tried to connect and from office, but in vain.

    BTW, I am getting IP details when I connect at home.

    Physical Address: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DNS Server:
    WINS Server:

    Could you please let me know how I could use broadband at home also.

    Thanks in advance,

  17. Tuning January 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Hari,

    Actually I’m confused what you meant by “home” & office. Could you please elaborate. I think I can help you.

    Also it would be helpful how you have connected in home and office. Are you using a laptop on both places ?

    – Tuning

  18. hari_nagendra January 14th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Friend,

    I am using laptop on both places. I was given administrative permissions in my previous company where I need to change IP at home and office. I was using different static IPs thats allocated to me at home and office.

    In my current company, we have DHCP enabled and I dont have any administrative privileges to configure TCP/IP settings.

    When I connect my laptop to broadband, I am getting only IP and Subnet mask without Default Gateway and DNS server info.

    When I tried to browse through, I am not able to connect to BSNL router where we can configure.

    As I’m getting 169.254.x.y, do I need to use I tried this also, but in vain.

    Could you please suggest me how I can fix the problem.

    Please let me know if you need more information.

    Thanks in advance,

  19. Tuning January 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Hari,

    As far as I can understand, I think the connection at home is not working and your do not have TCP/IP config changing privilege of your laptop. Since at office, you are connecting with DHCP, you could do the same at home.

    For this, you just need to connect to BSNL modem (for that you need to find a way to login to modem using any other computer available) and enable DHCP.

    I hope that answers your question. Please let me know otherwise.

    Best Regards,

  20. hari_nagendra January 24th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Friend,

    I changed DHCP options in the modem using another PC. And its working now.

    Thanks for all information while configuring the machine.

    Thanks & Regards,

  21. Tuning January 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Hari,

    Glad to know I could help you. :-)

    – Tuning

  22. goyat1082 January 31st

    Comment Arrow

    can u tell me can i use my bsnl brodband in 2 pc through asdl modem my usb or lan that are in adsl.

  23. srikanthkonam May 10th

    Comment Arrow

    I was using Tata Indicom conection.The modem is appearing similar to that of bsnl.But I am not able to connect with that.Can I use the TataIndicom modem for BSNL.

  24. Tuning June 1st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Srikanth,

    As far as I know you can use any compatible modem with BSNL.


  25. dave_boon3003 July 20th

    Comment Arrow

    hi friend

    How to configure the modem and pc, when we have to use it in LAN, as my three pc are connected with switch. I have tried connect with single pc and its working but not in LAN
    Please help me.

  26. Roshan November 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hello friend,
    I have a broadband connection in my office i want to use the same connection at my home. i have username and password. is it possible. if its possible plz tell me how and which modem should i purchase. plz i need your help.

  27. Tuning November 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Roshan,

    ADSL technology is enabled per telephone line. That means, if it is activated on a particular line, you can only use the allocated services on that line. In short, even if you have user name & pass word, you won’t be able to use the same connection at home.

  28. kunal December 6th

    Comment Arrow


    i have home plan 250 but i hav a user name & pass of unlmtd 750 plan but y its nt running ma pc…????//

    is der ny way to do it,if den mail me at

    plzzz……..m wtng….

  29. Tuning December 15th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Kunal,

    ADSL is activated per land line. Thus, it is of no use if you have someone else’s user / pass word.


  30. Aviansh January 5th

    Comment Arrow

    Need TATA WiMAX connections call on 9916131843

  31. Aviansh January 5th

    Comment Arrow

    if you Need broadband connections call on 9916131843

  32. vicky January 16th

    Comment Arrow

    how to get id or password?
    i forget my id and password of broadband

  33. MOHANKUMAR January 18th

    Comment Arrow

    my company has around 50 computers. all computers are in networking with ip address
    staring with 80.0…..andsub net mask 255.0…
    Two days before we got broadband connection and bsnl gave me
    another ipaddress starting with 192.168…,
    subnet mask 255.255…
    defaultgateway 192..
    prefered dns 218…
    alternative dns server 218……
    Now our internet connection is working smoothly.
    But our LAN is not working properly.
    What will I do for smooth working of internetnet & LAN Simultaneously .
    Could you please give me advise and ipconfiguration etc.

  34. Tuning January 19th

    Comment Arrow

    I’m afraid, you have to contact BSNL for those details.

  35. Tuning January 19th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Mohan,

    Connect all computers to a switch and connection this switch to BSNL modem. Make sure your firewall allows file sharing. There is a great chance that your firewall on individual machines may be blocking this setup.

    hope that helps

  36. kumar January 20th

    Comment Arrow


    Could you please anyone help on this issue

    Im using BSNL business broadband with a static IP, which is connectd to the server to access an application on the web.

    Modem is configured in PPPoE mode and on the LAN all the systems are working fine.

    I logged into Modem as admin and in NAT setting I given the Server IP address and saved/rebooted.

    Still Im not able to access the application on web which is working on LAN.

    Did I set anything more??????

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  37. sachin jain February 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    hi sir my self sachinjain
    my problam is broad band is not working
    i purchase wifi broad band
    one time i m not working 4 pc is net
    my no 9302259000

  38. najib February 8th

    Comment Arrow

    sir, my data one c2110 is working link, pc/usb, power. but no data indication . so i cant use internet now. pls helpme

  39. Techii February 17th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank You For Your Great Help..

    It was very useful for me..

  40. vipul February 17th

    Comment Arrow

    can i use bsnl broadband without registering my number.>>>>>?????????????

  41. raj kanjilal March 7th

    Comment Arrow

    i am from name is raj bsnlbrodband speed is verry slow.upload speed is max 10kb and download speed is max to max 17kb.can u help me?
    ( this is my ad pls help me or i change my net?

  42. archit gandhi March 24th

    Comment Arrow

    hi i’m using laptop and bsnl is wireless network but due to some problem in laptop i lost my netwok data and network connection. but after some try i could connect my net by using wire. but wireless connection is not working.please help me.
    my e mail id

  43. tanmoy saha March 26th

    Comment Arrow

    i am from name is tanmoy problam is broad band is not working & dont respond.

  44. saurabh April 17th

    Comment Arrow

    plz let me know deeply about this. thanks

  45. Pratibha April 21st

    Comment Arrow

    I formatted my PC, becoz of this my BSNL broadband IP address setting also get cleared. Can anybody help me to get connected my BSNL Broadband???

  46. John Various May 4th

    Comment Arrow

    we are connected with the VSAT line from the Head office and it is working fine and the IP address starts with this series and the subnet is and the Default Gateway is

    we opted for BSNL Broadband connection and they connected to 1 system and showed that it is working fine. Then i connected to the Switch and enabled DHCP and removed the Static IP address it works and i tried to change the Router Modem IP and i changed it has and subnet as

    In my system if i give the default gateway as then only VSAT is connecting and Broadband is not connecting and if i change it to then Broadband was working in only one system that is mine only and if i ping to the modem it is pinging and not browsing. If i change the Gateway then VSAT is not working i want to use both the networks to browse. Please help me to solve this issue.

    Solve this issue and i can’t able to work on the VSAT while i connected to Broadband. I had tried most of the option like changing the IP in Modem and setting to Static IP also in the modem and it didn’t work out.


  47. kranthi samala May 17th

    Comment Arrow

    My files are sharing. But Internet Connection Not Sharing.

  48. king khan June 5th

    Comment Arrow

    can i know about bsnl bills……and any other plan.

  49. prashanthpande June 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I found this post for sharing Tata indicom, may be it is applicable here too

  50. Keepsmiling June 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi everybody,

    Can anybody here give me working username and password of any unlimited account of bsnl and it should work in Hyderabad. pls can anybody help me out.. I heard that unlimited accounts can be accessed from any landline connection i.e. they do not have port binding. is that true..

    Pls somebody help me out, i want user name and password of ulimited account. U can have a deal with me.. I can share my knowledge with you…such as bypassing megavideo timer, bypassing rapidshare iplock, and many more

  51. Biswajit July 10th

    Comment Arrow

    hi..i have a Compex MRL21E
    ADSL 2/2+ USB & ETHERNET MODEM ROUTER. so would u plz help me how to configure it for sharing.What would be its admin panel?
    plz do rply

  52. sanjay pincha July 16th

    Comment Arrow

    how does the sharing of broadband maodem
    and also pc sharing

  53. S.SUDHAKAR July 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    I am having BSNL dataone broadband. I preferred dialling method of connecting to broadband internet rather than always online. So can you tell me how to share it with another PC?. I am using UT starcom UT300R2U modem.

  54. Gayatri August 7th

    Comment Arrow

    I had broadband connection.Once I disable the net.after enabling,my Local Area Connection is connected but I’m not able to access the web pages…..
    plz help me…..

  55. chitta August 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I have two computers and one computer is already connected to bsnl probleam is i want to connect internet on another systeam.My modem is c2110seris model.Tell me how to connect internet in another systeam?

    Yours Faithfully
    Chitta ranjan biswal

  56. muesh singh August 19th

    Comment Arrow

    I Want bsnl internet sharing so please give me tips for modem configration

  57. mukesh singh August 19th

    Comment Arrow

    I want to internet sharing so please give me tips for modem configration

  58. sanajy kandpal September 19th

    Comment Arrow

    I want to share my brodband connection in two PC, so pls provide me info about this process.

  59. Girl September 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    I have BSNL broadband home plan and I have 4 computers in home..I have switch and Successfully connected 3 computer for interenet.. But the 4th computer is not connected..It is connected in LAN ..But not able to use internet in that computer..Please resolve the problem..

  60. Tuning September 29th

    Comment Arrow


    It sounds like it is a cable problem or settings problem. Please check cables and settings again.

    – Tuning

  61. Aamir A. Aazmi October 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    We are using a switch to share our BSNL broadband connection. We have plugged in our modem connection to switch. Then we set all our laptops and PCs to obtain Ips automatically. All of my friends are comfortably using the shared connection. But when I connect my laptop(running Windows Vista Home Premium), it shows limited or no connectivity and could not renew its IP configuration correctly even after trying a lot of times. please suggest a solution.

    aamir A. Aazmi

    You have successfully managed to do the work around!

  62. Nano November 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Boss your stuff is good.
    NOw try solving this out.In BSNL broadband you are allowed to connect or establish your broadband connection with the provided account with the subscriber telephone line only. Can you find any solution for using BBaccount from a different line

  63. RIYAZ November 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    hi, u have mentioned about sharing the internet connection among 4 computers. can u plz.explain how did u do. as i am supposed to do the same.

  64. Mohamed Faizal December 18th

    Comment Arrow

    hi everybody i hve broadband connection in my house before i used modem which bsnl provided now i want to wireless router and i maked connection with my wireless router i getting the wireless power when i searching in my mobile wifi enabeld mobile but the problem is i cant abel to browse the internet, so pls someone help regarding this issue,, thank you

  65. Tuning December 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Aamir,

    There can be two reasons:

    1. Your network setting is manually configured.
    2. Your LAN port / Cable is malfunctioning.

    Check these two and get back.


  66. Tuning December 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Nano,

    The PPPoE validation process works by checking the route. It is based on valid lines. Thus, you cannot use anyone else’s account to have a broadband connection.

    – T

  67. Tuning December 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Riyaz,

    This post explains that. If you have any questions, ask me.

    – T

  68. Tuning December 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Mohamed

    Check whether DHCP & NAT are enabled in your wi-fi router.

    – T

  69. dysp keshod January 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    i want to see how many space down load in this month ?

  70. Deep January 18th

    Comment Arrow

    I want to know how can we check the usage of internet for each pc when One router connected the three or four pc. Plz anybodys know how can it posible then send me mail

  71. abhishek January 30th

    Comment Arrow

    I Want bsnl internet sharing so please give me tips for modem configration

  72. JK February 22nd

    Comment Arrow


  73. Tuning February 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi JK,

    You will able to connect all 4 using a Switch. However, you may require to configure firewall for file sharing. Otherwise, make one master and share the connection to others from it.

    The simpler will be using Switch.

    – Tuning

  74. sudhanshu saxena April 1st

    Comment Arrow

    i want to know ur plans for home requirement???

  75. Sandeep April 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, my uncle has a bsnl broadband home connection, and he has a wifi modem with 4 lan outputs. He is using net with wifi. So i want to take connection from his cable. My home is nearly 100 meters away from him. So what should i do? Should i take some devices.

  76. Tuning April 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Sandeep,

    It is very easy. Just buy enough lengthy LAN cable and use the LAN port on modem for connecting your computer to your uncle’s modem.

    Make sure your uncle is willing for this. 😉

    – Tuning

  77. jitendra May 8th

    Comment Arrow

    how can i check my net ussage

  78. KALYAN SAIKIA May 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    how to shear bsnl broad band internet connection in 5 pcs.

  79. Hari Krishna. N June 17th

    Comment Arrow

    I want BSNL Broad band connection Type-2 modem to sharing internet with lan connection ( Using Multi Computers)

    Please tell me the detailed solution for me.

  80. Aniket July 8th

    Comment Arrow

    sir, i m using BSNL broadband home connection. I want to format my PC. But by formatting the PC, broadband settings will be lost. please told me how to re-install the modem.please help me.

  81. Tuning July 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Aniket,

    Could you please tell me how you are connecting? It is it by Dial-Up or Always On?

  82. KANNU July 14th

    Comment Arrow

    what OS we install in sharing machine,,

  83. Tuning July 19th

    Comment Arrow

    The easiest being Windows XP or Windows 2000 on server. You can install any OS on client machines. Just set to get LAN IPs dynamically from sever.

  84. Manoj July 19th

    Comment Arrow

    I want to share my 4-PCs with BSNL Broadband. Pls give me the whole settings and steps in detail & sequence.

    Thanks & regards.

  85. computerUser August 9th

    Comment Arrow

    how to use computer

  86. Partha August 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Sir,

    Nice to see tuning us with network on lan/wan. I have BSNL BB with ADSL GLB-502T and DIR-300 Wireless G. Confused over inter connection bet’n devices. PPoE gets down with error 16 often. Configured Bridge mode to test the BB’s fault, if any, found to be okay and no frequent disconnection. However, PPoE mode is down, don’t know why ? Could it be cause off misconfig in both device ! Please guide. fyi, I am novice to network.

    Thanks in advance.

  87. anand September 8th

    Comment Arrow

    i have totly 16 computers in my office in that 12 pc are needed internet connection other 4 pc dont want internet so how to configer the internet in the MT 841 BSNL Modem.

    Pl z solve my Problem as soon as possible
    Thinking and regards.

    (ANAND K S)9980138124.

  88. anand September 8th

    Comment Arrow

    i have compex NP25G router,but i dont have any idia about router configuration how to configuration it

  89. Aryaan October 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Hai Tunning,

    I just came to know about your site when i was searching for single to multi user method and i m confident of your site seeing all this comments.And my query is that as i was using reliance Broadband single user. Though reliance is offering high speed for me i m unable to use two PC’s simultaneously.As reliance internet has a technique that as when ever u open an browser it directly connects to login page of relaince where you has to login with given username and password.My doudt is that can i use these internet at same time without any problem.Please give me your valuable Ideas.


  90. Tuning October 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Aryaan,

    I’m afriad I’m clueless on Reliance Internet. Can you browse when you connect through a switch?

  91. NeedHelp October 17th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, To all who can help me.
    I have 2 pc with xp the i have switch and a bsnl router tell me the solution for sharing the connection.
    I cant remove the switch because the distance is between the pc is nearabout 50 meter.

  92. Sudhan October 25th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Tuning,
    Is it possible to have different ip’s on

    1.) my PC (XP)
    2.) a Virtual Machine (XP) -running within the PC.

  93. Tuning November 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Sudhan,

    I think that would be impossible, unless you can connect a second LAN card to your Virtual PC. Unfortunately, I do not know how Virtual PC work.

  94. sumit November 27th

    Comment Arrow

    hi sir..i recently opted for bsnl broadband unlimited plan @625/month.the problem is that i m getting too low downloading speed around 5 or 6 kbps however its showing 1 mbps…nd other main problem is that m nt able to configure my modem setting as whenver i open the ip address on my address bar…like it gives no response..plz help me out sir..thanks in advance

  95. Nathan November 29th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi to everyone!

    I am trying to connect an internet telephone with BSNL Broadband. It is not working – the internet phone company is asking for BSNL’s genuine IP address – they say the that is shown on the phone is not the genuine IP address. How to find out BSNL Broadband’s genuine IP address? Would appreciate some help – thanks!


  96. Kedar December 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello Tuning,

    Thanks indeed! to your wonderful post.
    I am using Nokia Siemens C2110 Modem Router. I have got a 50m Cat 5 LAN Cable to connect to a PC 50m away. But I’m getting Limited or no connectivity in that PC. LAN Switch is DLink DES-1008D. However I am able to connect in my laptop.

  97. SOUMO GHOSH December 7th

    Comment Arrow


  98. r.k. gadge December 13th

    Comment Arrow

    How to lock my net & i open my net with pass word only .

  99. Navneet January 4th

    Comment Arrow

    hi tuning i am using bsnl broaband with nokia wi fi modem having 4 lan output. i tried to use lan as well as laptop using wifi in pppoe mode but in this mode no site open in any one. while in bridge mode i cn connect only one at a time by dial up connection? pls help me out to use multi connection in desktop as well in laptop.
    i am using windows 7

  100. hey I wanna switch to single user??? what to do??? January 6th

    Comment Arrow

    please tell me

  101. Sandeep February 8th

    Comment Arrow

    I have configured my modem (Huwei WA1003A) but could not find this check box in my Windows 7 Ultimate NIC.

    “Now share this connection from network setting of this nic. by checking ??allow other users in my network?blah..?

    Also please make it bit more clear what to do next on client machines (in my case it’s WiFi laptop).

    Thanks in advance,


  102. irok February 21st

    Comment Arrow

    hi frnds… i want to format my system.. but i don’t know how to enable the broadband settings after formating the system.. i’m using dailing up tone for connection.. plz help me…

  103. mohammad salim February 24th

    Comment Arrow

    hi dears i want to share broadband connection type as pppoe on all my 9 pcs but all my 9 pcs are already connected to v-sat and cannot change the default gateway……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….kindly post your perfect suggestions same will be highly obliged.

  104. sasi dharan March 23rd

    Comment Arrow


    is there anyone who can guide me to configure BSNL modem to beetel(airtel) broadband connection

  105. john April 7th

    Comment Arrow


    any one please tell how to assign static ip…………

    sir, i have netdvr box i want to view my cc camera’s online

    i brought static ip from bsnl broadband i didn’t how to conf it in bsnl router setting please tell me………..

  106. krish April 21st

    Comment Arrow

    hi…. my neighbour has airtel broadband connection.Iam planning to share the connection.Can u tell me what are the things to be bought and cost of those for a wired connection.pls help me….

  107. Md.Anirban April 24th

    Comment Arrow

    i have totly 16 computers in my office in that 12 pc are needed internet connection other 4 pc dont want internet so how to configer the internet in the MT 841 BSNL Modem.

    Pl z solve my Problem as soon as possible
    Thinking and regards.

  108. vivek August 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    m usin a data one connection which used to connect to the internet using a username and a password. i hv also installed a belkin router with wi-fi sharing the internet connection to more pcs and laptops. The modem was connected to the router and the username and password of dataone was configured in the router.

    i gave my dataone modem for some reparing to bsnl as it was not getting connected to the internet. Now the internet connects automatically without givin the username n password when the UTP cable frm the modem is plugged in to the LAN port of my pc. Now if i connect to the router i dont get the connection nor can share the connection anymore. i can only use it in a single pc now.

    need solution on what i can do so i can share the connection like before…. and what changes i shud make to the router


  109. Rana GUHA August 7th

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    IP —–
    DEF GET—-
    DNS —–

  110. FUFU August 24th

    Comment Arrow

    I would like to know how to run internet simulataneously in two pcs with two modems , one or two splitter and one bsnl broadband single dial-up connection.


  111. rohit giri September 15th

    Comment Arrow

    hello sir

    iam rohit giri i have a bsnl broadband connection and i have a 5 pc so i want to start internet in 5 computer by network. the 5 pc is connected with lan {wired} and all the computer is connected with swith {hub} but the internet is not be started in computers what can i do.

    PLZ submit me steps of computer networking and server setting

    thanks in advance

  112. Sumana November 2nd

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    Hi This is very helpful information. Thanks. One help needed though…my browser does not load when i type Anything i need to look into for this? Firewall settings, etc?

  113. shrikant sharma November 2nd

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    Hi friend!
    Why I can connect and share my BSNL Broadband connection with Local Area Network simontaneously?

    shrikant sharma
    gopalganj (Bihar)

  114. RAJA RAO November 7th

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    Hi, hello sir my name is raja rao, i am using bsnl data one broadbad this confirigation changed please tell to me are email me please urgently required.thank you

  115. pooja April 1st

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    hi tuning
    whenever i m trying to connect net it display a message…..the specified destination is not reachable.

  116. Yogesh Arora May 12th

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    Hi Friend i have bsnl broad band connection (ZTE ZXDSL531B).
    & i have 1 Desktop(LAN) & 1 Laptop (Using Wifi).

    one of my accounting software(remote Access) requires saperate ip address to work.

    can we create two ip address for same connection?? if yes, How ?? pls let me know.

    Thanks & Regards

  117. Badal Jadhav March 22nd

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    i have 4 pcs conncted to BSNL BB with windows xp….n one pc i have upgarded with windows 7 …now how should i connect the formatted PC to other??

  118. Koushal June 8th

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    Hi Tuning!
    I have Broadband connection at my home. I connect my PC to the net thru Wifi. The Modem I am using is provided by BSNL. Model: DNA A211-1.
    My issue is, recently I have taken a Tab. I am unable to connect the tab to network as I have to login on the network using user id and password.
    Kindly assist me with step by step procedure to handle the issue. First of all I want to get rid of this user id and password. I should get connected once my laptop or tab is on and the wifi is on.
    I have tried connecting on
    but some how its not working.
    Please help with detailed procedure as i am not so good at networking. I may not understand lot of technical things. Request you to please keep it as simpe and elobrate as possible.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  119. lalith June 24th

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    pulot locker ans stockshare will not taken in bsnl brod brand what probs there how will slove this problem

  120. Kem Mon August 21st

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    Hi Mr.Shyam, m lookng to ur answr vry dsprtly to fnd my one. Actly I want to share internet in 3PCs thrgh a Swtch & my bbcnnctn is 800Unlimited BSNL wth ADSL modem. My PCs are under Windows7. Pls guide me fr sharing the net. I want to knw about the Gateway config to TCPIP that ncry to mk chnge in if reqrd. Can I use this Brdbnd Plan fr NetCafe? Or what Net connctn I shld look fr a proftable & convenient Net cnnctn?

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