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How to Setup BSNL DataOne Broadband Connection for Maximum Performance

Noise is the culprit!

First of all you need to understand that BSNL DataOne services are working on ADSL technology and even slight noise in the telephone line can severely affect your quality of connection. Your modem comes with various stats and that is more than enough to identify the noise.

Log-in to your modem’s admin panel and click the summary link. [Type in your browser and use user name / pass as admin/admin]
You will see similar screen there.

BSNL DataOne Summary

As ADSL technology uses two different spectrum of frequencies for upload and download, you will see two different stats for upstream and downstream.

Here are the explanations of the different terms:

ADSL Link Speed:
The speed at which you are connected to BSNL servers. This does not necessarily be same as your allocated speed.

SNR: Or Signal-to-Noise ratio. Better signal and less noise implies high SNR.

Decrease in signal strength due to scattering, resistance and other natural effects. Higher attenuation means lesser quality of signal.

The noise level can be clearly understood by checking SNR. You should be having average SNRs around 30. Lesser means you have some noise in your telephone line and you should contact BSNL to get the noise cleared from the telephone line.

Normally noise appears when there are joints or when the cable is exposed to environment. Rainy season brings rust to exposed parts and result in noise.

Noise can also happen if you have a faulty telephone. Faulty telephones can interrupt your signals and result in noise. It can also be the result of ADSL splitter being faulty.

Next thing to check is the Attenuation. Your average attenuation should be around 15. Higher attenuation means signal is loosing strength. (Possibly due to longer distance (Resistance) from telephone exchange). Lower quality of signal means, frequent slow down and interruption.

Once you are satisfied with SNR / Attenuation values, let’s go to the WAN settings.

DataOne WAN Settings

Let the settings be same as there except for DNS. If your DNS is in disabled state, enable it and move to DNS link.


Insert the following values as in this screen shot. We will be using the DNS service from OpenDNS; which is found to be better than BSNL’s own DNS servers.

After doing this, you will see improvement in your connection speed.

TIP: 3 Ways to Improve Your Browsing Speeds.


  1. kaushal5146 April 9th

    Comment Arrow

    how to change DNS setting for ZTE ZXDSL 831AII
    modem i can’t see anything where we can change dns setting in modem

  2. Tuning April 9th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Kaushal,

    You change it in the network settings as well. Go to Network Settings.
    Control Panel = > Network Settings => Right Click your connection name => Properties => Click Properties of TCP/IP setting = > Use the following DNS servers.

    I hope that helps.

    – Tuning

  3. iamonthesky August 16th

    Comment Arrow

    How should I configure my D-Link ADSL modem for BSNL Broadband connection in PPPoe mode ?
    An immediate reply needed,plz.

  4. iamonthesky August 16th

    Comment Arrow

    I have a Umax webcam AstraPix PCI300DL.I have been using it for last 3 months with best results and satisfaction.
    But last night when I tried to preview it,it showed the following message:
    Error1:cannot create the video capture filter.
    Any solution/s would be most welcome.

  5. iamonthesky August 17th

    Comment Arrow

    I am facing one more problem from yesterday evening:
    I can neither sign-into my Yahoo-messenger nor into my Yahoo-mail.
    Any help,plz

  6. subir November 7th

    Comment Arrow

    How should I configure my D-Link ADSL modem for BSNL Broadband connection in PPPoe mode ?
    An immediate reply needed,plz.

  7. Tuning November 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Subir,

    What modem are you using (model?)

    – Tuning

  8. suraj November 12th

    Comment Arrow

    in my modem (UtStarcom UT300R2)I can not find any SNR value. any alternative way to find it.

  9. ravi November 14th

    Comment Arrow

    from single user adsl modem how i can i share with mutiple pc please help

  10. Tuning November 17th

    Comment Arrow


    You can see the SNR margin in Status -> Device Info. (Bottom)


    You can simply plug-in a switch to the output of single user modem. Then connect as many computers you wish. Just remember to enable DHCP in modem.

    More Information :

    Hope that helps!

  11. sridhar November 27th

    Comment Arrow

    can i connect two computers to bsnl dataone broadband simultaneously using ethernet switch. plz explain the procedure

  12. VISHAL C November 29th

    Comment Arrow

    my bsnl broadband conn just hangs after a certain time. i disconnect the ppoe part and again reconnect but it logs in, but no data in/out movement is possible. i have to restart the comp then again it works.
    how can i set the connection whereby the manual connection part is removed. ply reply thanx

  13. Tuning December 5th

    Comment Arrow

    @ Sridhar,

    Just connect the ethernet switch to modem output. Connect multiple computers to that switch. It is that simple! 😉

    @ Vishal
    As far as I can understand, it is some problem with your computer rather than the ADSL modem. Have you tried connecting to another computer? (lappy, maybe?)

    Btw, what modem are you using?

    – Tuning

  14. venugopal January 14th

    Comment Arrow

    can i connect two computers to bsnl dataone broadband simultaneously using ethernet switch. plz explain the procedure my modem is dlink GLB-502T

  15. Tuning January 15th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Venu,

    This post exactly tell that. :)

    – Tuning

  16. Sunil March 4th

    Comment Arrow

    This is a nice article :). thanks a lot

  17. Rounak Changediya March 17th

    Comment Arrow



    please solve my problem ……

    I am unable to create a local area connection …

    I have a modem BSNL “DNA-A211-1”.
    I am having alot of problems…
    Exams are on date & I am still suffering from net connection…

    I have tried a lot from setting-control panel-network connections-create a new connection-connect to Internate-maually-always on…

    But still no Icon neither local network connection….

    Please help…….


  18. Tuning March 18th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Rounak,

    I’m afraid I have no information on your modem. I think you may have to contact BSNL guys to get it corrected.


  19. Abishek March 19th

    Comment Arrow

    how to change DNS setting for ZTE ZXDSL 831AII
    modem i can??t see anything where we can change dns setting in modem

  20. Animesh March 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Tuning,

    I have purchased DSL-G2604T(Wireless) and i’m having a BSNL broadband connection.
    Issue: Not able to configure the modem.
    Can You please help me with this.


  21. Mohan May 1st

    Comment Arrow

    I have a BSNL, BB connection.Using DNA-A211-1 modem.I have frequent resetting the user name and pword.What is the reason?

  22. Icymar May 15th

    Comment Arrow


    Thanks for the great info and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Actually I don’t know much about DSL connections and this post give me some ideas on how it works. Keep making great infos.


  23. SAIKAT May 18th

    Comment Arrow


    please solve my problem ??

    I am unable to create connection ?

    I have a modem BSNL ??UT300R2U?.
    I am having lots of problems?

    I have tried a lot from setting-control panel-network connections-create a new connection-connect to Internate-maually-always on?

    But still no connection?.

    Error message no is 769

    Please help??.


  24. Mayur May 31st

    Comment Arrow

    Hi friend ………
    I want to redial, when my net disconnect,
    so plse give me setting to automatic redial
    plse tell me solution

  25. VIJAY AMBROSE June 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    hi tuning,

    I have purchased ADSL-DLINK MODEM AND i’m having a BSNL broadband connection.

    ISSUE: not able to configure modem.
    can you please help me with this.



  26. VIJAY AMBROSE June 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    hi tuning,

    I have purchased DSL-502T DLINK MODEM AND i??m having a BSNL broadband connection.

    ISSUE: not able to configure modem.
    can you please help me with this.



  27. Tuning June 3rd

    Comment Arrow


    I think you modem is being hacked by someone. Change your modem pass (please note that this is not the BSNL user / password.) to something else than “admin”. (which is the default pass in many cases.)


    This modem comes with a CD, just insert it and select the appropriate options.

    Please let me know if you wish to have a screenshot of the configs. (At the moment, I use this modem at home.)

  28. neethul June 5th

    Comment Arrow

    thank you for the very useful information…………….

  29. Arvind Laxman June 7th

    Comment Arrow

    How to configure DataOne Broadband? I am using MS Vista. Please provide me step-by-step guide.

  30. Kushagra June 7th

    Comment Arrow

    I have huawie Smartax mt882 modem
    my adsl
    ADSL Link Speed Upstream 508 Kbps
    ADSL Link Speed DownStream 1019 Kbps

    Previous Tx-Rate Upstream 0 Kbps
    Previous Rx-Rate DownStream 0 Kbps

    SNR Upstream 23.0 dB
    SNR DownStream 35.5 dB

    CRC Upstream 0
    CRC DownStream 0

    Attenuation Upstream 11.0 dB
    Attenuation DownStream 21.0 dB

    FEC Upstream 0
    FEC DownStream 0

    HEC(ATM Layer) Upstream 0
    HEC(ATM Layer) DownStream 0

    i get around 80-85 kBps download speed
    Please help me

  31. philip August 4th

    Comment Arrow

    I have purchased DSL-502T DLINK MODEM AND i⿿m having a BSNL broadband connection.

    ISSUE: not able to configure modem.
    can you please help me with this.

  32. parul September 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    i am having modem TAD100(which is provided by TATA Indicom).Now I want to configure it to use with bsnl broadband

  33. RIYAZ November 12th

    Comment Arrow


  34. vishnu December 6th

    Comment Arrow

    i am having a problem when i try to connect a desktop and a laptop at the same time to internet with one internet connection

  35. vishnu December 6th

    Comment Arrow

    i cant use wifi on my laptop when the internet is connected on the desktop

  36. Chetan December 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Tuning,
    Can u tell me from where to Log-in to your modem??s admin panel?

  37. Tuning December 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Riyaz,

    It looks like DHCP is not enabled in your ZTE modem. First enable this (along with NAT).

    I hope that should solve the problem.
    – T

  38. Tuning December 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi –

    It would be normally at this IP address : (use browser)

    – T

  39. Shubham December 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    I have BSNL dataone with SEIMENS SL2_141 . I am facing frequent disconnection even when the BSNL people changed the whole wire from the board to my splitter. I AM POSTING THE STATS

    DSL Status

    Status SHOWTIME
    Mode ADSL2+

    Downstream Upstream
    Rate (Kbps) 8189 508
    SNR Margin (dB) 8.2 21.2
    Attenuation (dB) 38.0 16.4
    Attainable Rate (Kbps): 13596 1168
    Output Power (dBm) 12.9 0.0
    Super Frames 88588 79064
    Super Frame Errors 44 0

    There is some slight noise in my telephone.But its very less. And I dont have any other telephones attached.
    Can you please help me with my problem.Thanks

  40. Shubham Singh December 27th

    Comment Arrow

    Also adding to my query above, I am using BSNL 500C plan ( upto 2Mbps ). I replaced the splitter but still the problem remained. Is it possible that the dew droplets and winters in my area are affecting the connection at the connection board on the pole? There is no joint on the wire from the pole to my line board in my room ( Connections checked ) which passes wire further to splitter. Thanks. Waiting for a reply.

  41. Tuning December 28th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Shubham,

    Are you living several kms away from exchange? It looks like signal strength is not enough. SNR is too low compared to normal operating (15dB+) conditions. If this is not the case, you may have to request BSNL guys to thoroughly check the line. The attenuation seems to be very high compared to normal operating conditions.


  42. ashiq January 20th

    Comment Arrow

    hello sir or maddam
    i was useing bsnl broadband UT300RU2U
    on my pc. now i want use on my laptop
    as i am conecting it but it do not work it
    can i know how i will conect it or ther some setting to put plz let me know

  43. Rushi January 28th

    Comment Arrow

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank You
    Thank You

  44. N.VENKATESHANEEM February 26th

    Comment Arrow

    This is venkatesh I having a problem I have 4 computers in my home but I have only one BSNL Broadband connection The internet is working on only in one system but i need to share another 3 computers & my connection is having username & Passeord Ple give me a solution

  45. Tuning March 4th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Venkatesh,

    I’m afraid you have to change the settings to always on. Then connect the modem to a switch and share among computers.

    – Tuning

  46. Srivatsa Hejib March 12th

    Comment Arrow

    I dont no my username and password.. hw to know it??

  47. Tuning March 18th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Srivatsa,

    Contact BSNL or check the receipt you got after connection.

  48. Lucky March 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Hello friends…..
    I had to redial, when my net disconnect,
    so plse give me setting to automatic redial
    plse tell me solution

  49. shilmanyu April 4th

    Comment Arrow

    detect my portal user and password

  50. Vijaya Prasad Rao PB. May 29th

    Comment Arrow

    I Cannot able to connect to

  51. Jony July 12th

    Comment Arrow

    Frequent Disconnection BSNL broadband:
    Redirection To

    Here is my modem stats. i’m using Dlink GLB-502T
    Modem Status:
    Connection Status Connected
    Us Rate (Kbps) 508
    Ds Rate (Kbps) 8189
    US Margin 21
    DS Margin 12
    Trained Modulation ADSL_2plus
    LOS Errors 0
    DS Line Attenuation 38
    US Line Attenuation 77
    Peak Cell Rate 1198 cells per sec
    CRC Rx Fast 0
    CRC Tx Fast 12
    CRC Rx Interleaved 2201
    CRC Tx Interleaved 0
    Path Mode Interleaved
    DSL Statistics

    Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0
    Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0
    Please Give Me Some Solution.. Please. asap.

  52. saurabh July 17th

    Comment Arrow is dead , now how do i connect to admin panel?

    and how can i get maximum download speed?

    when i had bsnl h250 plans, i could get 2 mbps download speed sometimes, but now i have bsnl h500 plan and i get maximum 250 kbps down speed, plz help me to make it better

  53. Tuning July 19th

    Comment Arrow

    Line has too much noise. Attenuation 77 is too high. Check your telephone line and the ADSL splitter connection. This can also happen if your ADSL splitter i faulty.

  54. Tuning July 19th

    Comment Arrow


    What IP are you getting from modem? Just use the 0.1 for that. For example, some people use as modem. So you will be getting 10.0.0.XX as your IP. If you are using any other. Just replace it with 1 for last digit and you will be able to access modem.

  55. Partha August 10th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Sir,
    GLB-502 having and DIR-300(4 Lan + 1 Wan) with … unable to configure as PPoE is frequently getting down. Tested in Bridge Type the BB link is stable, however, couldn’t check with SNR & Attenuation though.
    Need help and advice.
    Thanks & Regards, Partha

  56. himanshu August 11th

    Comment Arrow

    I have DNA-A211-l modem… i think BSNL has changed password to admin module in this model. Admin / admin isn’t working… any ideas?

  57. Hari August 11th

    Comment Arrow


    I am having an 8mbps BSNL connection, but i am getting the speed around 3-4 mb only and sometimes it is very slow means around 1mb…when i contacted technical people from BSNL they checked and told SNR upstream is less (it is 8)..i have complained several times..but not response yet from their side…what can i do…SND downstream for me is 26 and line attentuation (Downstream) is 30.5 dB and line Attentuation(Upstream) is 15 and i am using Nokia Siemens C2110 type modem…please help me…

  58. Tuning August 13th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Hari,

    You may need to use high performance ADSL splitters then. Unfortunately, it is not available in India. If you have any one in UK, you can buy them from this website :

    It will improve your numbers. But, will only do marginally. You may have to replace your existing telephone cable with better cable. (Just a guess)

  59. SAURABH MANDLIK August 21st

    Comment Arrow

    actually that does not open
    pls can a anyone help me . pls mail me at

  60. bhargava August 21st

    Comment Arrow

    i want to add ps3 to my ZTE ZXDSL 531B lan but i need to add DNS numbers, where can i find them?

  61. kulbhushansharma August 22nd

    Comment Arrow

    i have broadband connection T.No 01832572888 What is PPPoe user name when i put my name not accept please tell me Thanks

  62. soumen achary August 26th

    Comment Arrow

    hi i have an internet connection which has an Huawei modem with adsl but the torrent down speed is low enough that to compete a downloading i.e. 700 mb taking 04 hours to complete and the spped is fluctuating abnormally from 30-100 per. send a solutin that i can configure so that it could give enormous speed. soumen

  63. VJ August 28th

    Comment Arrow

    hi sir
    this is my modem details….DSL MODEM ADSL/2/2+ V55.1.03.06/E.37.7.37

    wat to do next…..plz help me to configure….
    nothing like the upsteam and downstrem u said above can be seen here…
    its just something else…pklz help out…waiting for ur ans…

  64. VJ August 28th

    Comment Arrow

    its siemen c2110..and am using unlimited download 750plan..

  65. hemant August 30th

    Comment Arrow

    hello friends i am hemant i can solve your problem
    subject: modem configuring
    if your modem is reset open internet explorer type
    enter your username and password default U. name and Pass.. admin, admin when you open your router or modem find pppoe rename it to br (if editing is available) pppoe_0_35 change it to br_0_35 save and reboot your modem now you have to create a new connectoin for connecting internet. go in my network place click on view connection ——> create new connection —–> connect to the internet——->setup my connection manually——–> connect using broadband connection that require username and password———->click next fill your username and password and connect your internet.

    i hope your problem will solve….. thanx…

    for any quiry for trouble shooting on network you can mail me on this address..

  66. RAMESH September 9th

    Comment Arrow


  67. ginni September 20th

    Comment Arrow

    hi,i have sterlite adsl router,and when i enter adress there is nothing like that.i want to know that whether it si due to windows 7.because when i used to use windows xp then it was ok.please help.

  68. sharad kumar September 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi there,

    Great portal/blog…..kudos!

    Need to know how does one enable wpa2 security on bsnl dataone line using ZTE ZXDSL 831AII and coralmaksat router. This is a hotel environment and has multiple clients(laptops mostly) logged on..!

    BSNL helpline ppl seem poorly educated on this aspect

    would really appreciate

  69. maan October 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    i am using windows7.when i try to connect to, it asks for username and password.when i type them windows does not allow.what is the problem?????

  70. Tuning October 6th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Maan,

    Are you sure your passwords are correct? Try logging from Xp/Linux.

  71. srini October 24th

    Comment Arrow


    i am using h500c bsnl plan….. and my modem name is ut300r2u….. my download rate in torrent file will be 20kb/s….. and my os is win7………..i dont know the reason……….. any suggestions from u………..

  72. Salman November 5th

    Comment Arrow

    i have ZTE ZXDSL 831 AII
    help me to make best performance

  73. vinay joshi December 1st

    Comment Arrow

    hi tunning ,
    I am having DATAONE broadband WA3002G4 modem please help me to configure the same(step by step).This is a type 2 modem .i am having MSVista Home Basic as my OS.


  74. ROHIT MULAY February 26th

    Comment Arrow

    thx a lot i love this website!!

  75. Anup March 8th

    Comment Arrow

    my bsnl broadband connection just hangs after a certain automatically redials and shows connected, but no data in/out movement is possible. i have to restart the comp then again it works.
    whats the solution??pls reply………….

  76. alok tripathi March 12th

    Comment Arrow

    sir i insatall fw uploder when i instaal my net was dc n all litew its on so i cant access my net plz give me solutoion

  77. Tuning May 9th

    Comment Arrow


    It seems like a virus attack to me. Try running a anti-virus software.

  78. natarajan June 7th

    Comment Arrow

    I have contacted BSNL broadband section directly through my mobile and got step by step in put to configure my new DSL modem as my old one is dead. You need to remember your username and password so, make a note somewhere. I have copied down the all config steps in word doc for future use mailed the doc to my self -gmail and stored it in a lable with and p.word etc for future use.

  79. natarajan June 7th

    Comment Arrow

    keep your pc clean by using ‘CCleaner’ software that you get from web. also delete unwanted history etc periodically (eg- if you are using Google Crome ) by clicking at the right top wrench icon, options, under the hood – clear browsing data.
    These steps will add to a better connection and browsing

  80. natarajan June 7th

    Comment Arrow

    After 3 phone calls and continuously pressing them the on BSNL line help provided me with my forgotten password along with step by step configuring of my DSL modem mentioned earlier

  81. natarajan June 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Shyam T Unni, appreciate your service to service to people……………

  82. Tuning June 15th

    Comment Arrow


    Glad to hear you got help from BSNL. BSNL guys are occasionally lazy. 😉

  83. Amol June 30th

    Comment Arrow

    sir, what is the frequentsi use of instolletion bsnl Brodband

  84. Harman July 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Two months earlier I had bsnl 500 unlimited plan but last month I got it changed to 500c+ night unlimited but i’m not getting sufficient speed during hours.Instead of increasing upto 2 Mbps it degrades to 256kbps during night hours n during daytime it gives 512 kbps.the bsnl guys says its server’s fault and they can’t do anything.plzzzzzz help me

  85. Harman July 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    Statistics Downstream Upstream
    Line Rate 560 Kbps 507 Kbps
    Attainable Line Rate 1264 Kbps 568 Kbps
    Noise Margin 9.6 dB 8.2 dB
    Line Attenuation 70.5 dB 48.1 dB
    Output Power 12.9 dBm 0.0 dBm
    these are my line parameters n during night hrs downstream degrades to 343 kbps

  86. Comment Arrow

    i broughtn bsnl type 2 modem but not configer pls help me what are use auto conect line» BSNL Dataone ?? Automatically connect to Internet when modem switched ON
    pls tellme ?

  87. Pravesh August 26th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi tuning team, I had setup a new BSNL Broadband connection one week ago and till now I am facing problems of frequent disconnection ( every ten or fifteen minutes) and I have to restart the modem again. I checked the SNR and attenuation values and found it to be as follows:
    Internet Connection
    DSL Status Connected
    Downstream Data Rate 17377 kbps
    Upstream Data Rate 1131 kbps
    DNS Primary
    DNS Secondary
    Max Att Downstream Rate 17408 kbps
    Max Att Upstream Rate 1132 kbps
    SNR (Downstream) 6.5 dB
    SNR (Upstream) 7.0 dB
    Line Attentuation(Downstream) 29.0 dB
    Line Attentuation(Upstream) 19.0 dB
    Gateway IP
    I think there is a noise in the line, my phone also sounds like a scratching sound. Shall I call the BSNL technicians?

  88. Pankaj September 19th

    Comment Arrow

    how i direct my data one modem without using dial option

  89. vivek kumar September 29th

    Comment Arrow

    Hi, i jst bought an 7′ android 2.2 epad and it has wifi and ethernet options to connect to internet. my problem is that i am not able to configure the settings of ethernet connection. I have dataone broadband on my home pc and i m using it with bsnl adsl modem. so can somone guide me abt the settings whcih i can set on my epad ethernet option so that i can use internet on my epad after connecting ethernet cable.

  90. Govindan Nair V. October 29th

    Comment Arrow

    I have amodem brought from emirates. I have configured the modem with my ISP userid and pasword. Although I get my modem connected to the internet, I am not able to browse many sites what I am in need.Can any one guide me.The MTU value is 1488.

  91. Edwin November 14th

    Comment Arrow

    i connect bsnl modem to my computer. the lan was connected and display 100.mbps speed also. but the internet was not connected and display the error was searching the network address. so what can i do

  92. manu November 18th

    Comment Arrow

    how can i simply configure bsnl broadband to small network that recently connected 5pc through switch
    what is the ip address may i use


  93. krishna kumar December 23rd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi iam using BSNL Broadband . I have made the connections properly and the internet is working fine. But whenever the modem is in use, the telephone gets a background noice like…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…any solution for this. I have the connection thru proper spliter n all..but stil no use

  94. kiran kabadi January 28th

    Comment Arrow

    I am using BSNL broadband connetion, i have messedup now. i have installed fresh Windows XP OS, and now i want to know how to connect to internet.. please guide…..

  95. Samuel February 11th

    Comment Arrow

    Sir now i have got the modem they said if u can configure it…… i dont that im using ADSL bsnl modem wat to do how to connect nothing will uplease help me

  96. ashwin February 21st

    Comment Arrow

    my internet explorer is not opening the URL

  97. Gursimran Singh Randhawa March 7th

    Comment Arrow

    Sir i want to use D-link’s DSL 2680 router for BSNL broadband….I connected the cables, every thing esle is working fine…but it is not able to connet to the intenet…there is a problem with adsl settings…the internet LED is glowing RED….(not conneted with internet)…I wish anyone on this site could guide me……thenx

  98. Yahya March 16th

    Comment Arrow

    Many people are complaining about not opening

    There may be only two reasons:

    1. If you cannot see DSL light(ON) displayed on the modem.
    check for it.
    2.There is problem on Internet Explorer,i tried on default Windows
    browser it don’t works,better use Crome or Firefox(i used firefox)

  99. Yahya March 16th

    Comment Arrow

    It worked for me
    Thank you very much Boss :)

  100. Alok April 3rd

    Comment Arrow

    Hi Tuning team,

    I have a BSNL broadband plan and having the ADSL modem which is having 1 Ethernet output via LAN wire/switch and 2nd is the USB, the model number is ZXDSL 831AII (ZTE) I am based in Delhi NCR (UPW) and the BSNL exchange has been provided me the client IP address –, gateway – and the DNS server is, and now the main thing i need to do is that, i want to connect my both PC’s simultaneously (i.e. The Desktop via LAN wire and Laptop via Provided USB cable) without any IP conflict, So can u please suggest me the easiest and the best way to troubleshoot the problem, Hope u have undersud me as well.

    Thanks and waiting for your answer.

  101. Maninder September 17th

    Comment Arrow

    m using 900 unlimted plan but my download speed in 40-50 kbps how i get maximum speed

  102. Maninder September 17th

    Comment Arrow

    i m using 900 unlimted plan of bsnl brodband but my downloading speed is 40-50 kbps how i get maximum speed of download

  103. varma mudunuri May 25th

    Comment Arrow

    what will be the probs when my modem doesnt enter

  104. shubham December 4th

    Comment Arrow

    mi banl brodbrnad connection getal pan mi kontehi router connect karu shakto ka tyla

  105. dinesh January 17th

    Comment Arrow

    one building connect to eppx box for adsl dataone rauter connected and one km second building eppx line to adsl second rauter connected scsessfully or not scsessfully plz ask me answer?

  106. John A Vincent March 5th

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    I had siemens Sl2-141 wifi modem. for about 5 years. suddenly wifi & other went dead. I have pressed the reset button and no response. Kindly advise how to test the modem to analyse the fault

  107. Sandeep July 9th

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    Hi Tuning,
    I am using Linksys Cisco ADSL 2+ modem for my internet connectivity
    (BSNL).But when using,after every 3-5 minutes,it is getting disconnected and again automatically connect after 3-5 minutes.The process is repeating.At the time,the internet light is turned off.Any solution.

  108. Tuning August 5th

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    Hi Sandeep,

    It appears to me the telephone line has noise. Please ask your ISP to check your telephone line.

  109. Tuning August 5th

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    Hi John,

    It appears your modem is dead. If reset button is not working, you can declare it to be dead. Trust me, I’ve had 4 modems dead like this. 😛

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