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Time is money!

I remember this term from somewhere :”Time is money”. I think i got it from some book. Anyway the particular time has come to my life where ideas are getting very quickly and now time is very much limited. Most of these ideas can be successfull businesses / websites if done properly.

Currently I do have 2 full time staff and me working for clients. In free time ( most probably night or early morning ) I will work on my own ideas. So far several experiments were done and most of them were successfull. The sad part is that everyone I know cannot assit me to implement / establish the ideas in to reality. :(

This sucks! I’m overwhelmed by the vastness of internet and possibilities of unlimited opportunities. I think I will have to device some ideas to successfully utilize time and staff resources. But how ? *scratching head* [ Folks if anyone have any advices, feel free to comment this post ]

Anyway I have decided to hire more staff and continue the services I’m doing currently. :)


  1. MadV March 6th

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    “The sad part is that everyone I know cannot assit me to implement / establish the ideas in to reality”

    Everyone?? Oh.. I think everyone is busy in his/her own world :-D.

  2. Sree November 7th

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    Hi! :)

    I’m from Hyderabad, AP.
    Even I have similar plans, any innovative ideas from your side?
    I’m ready to involve.


  3. Tuning November 12th

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    Hi Sree,

    One thing: Only do things that you are passionate about. Do not go only for the money.

    When things become great, there is a great chance that you will lose interest in things that you don’t have a passion, which would adversely affect those projects.

    Believe me, I just came out of this situation.

    – Tuning

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